About us

Sustainable Environment Research Group currently focuses on finding solutions for water and wastewater issues.

This research group led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suzylawati Ismail. Her research areas focussing on finding solutions for water and wastewater issues by applying various techniques of separations specializing in membrane separation technology and adsorbent coating. Her research expert area is then extended to water control and water shut-off technology for Oil and Gas Industry upon her exposure in Schlumberger (WTA) Sdn. Bhd. with research teams around the globe.

She has successfully published in more than 50 International and National Journals and more than 40 International and National proceedings. Based on Scopus, her H-index is 20 and more than 2200 citation. Her current research team members are heavily involved in developing a composite adsorbent coating for water and wastewater treatment, surface membrane modification studies and feasibility of membrane distillation application for palm oil mill effluent treatment.

Recently, this research group has successfully developed innovative methods for removing hazardous dye and heavy metals pollutants through PAINTOSORP application. Opportunities for new area investigations on extending the functions of adsorbent coating to other types of pollutants. Interested local and international talents are welcome to join this research group.

In an academic feat, three PhD students from our research team have successfully defended their dissertations over three consecutive weeks. This academic marathon showcases the diverse and impactful research being conducted within the team.

Mr Mohamad Sharafee Shamsudin is conducting a lecture entitled "Writing A Review Paper: A step-by-step approach". Sharing through his experience in preparing peer-reviewed papers and publishing them in the Q1 journal aims to help new researchers to actively publish peer-reviewed papers related to their research work.

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